Zero THC Broad Spectrum Tinctures and Softgel


Our Zero THC, Broad Spectrum product line is specifically designed for those people who have a job that tests employees for THC.  It is not a Full Spectrum Oil, but does have most of the other minor cannabinoids and would be considered a Broad Spectrum Oil.  Since the THC has been totally removed, it is safe for people being tested for THC.  Be aware that most of the NO THC hemp products on the market are made with CBD Isolate – meaning you are getting ONLY CBD and none of the other cannabinoids, losing the “entourage effect”.  Substantial research has been done that proves that getting Broad Spectrum Zero THC Oil is much more powerful.


500mg CBD – Peppermint Retail
1000mg CBD – Peppermint
We use High CBD, Broad Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil to get the best of the Hemp plant’s numerous nutritional and medicinal properties for our THC Free Tinctures. We use Chromatography Separation Equipment to selectively remove the THC while still leaving most of the major cannabinoids. The tincture is independently tested to assure that there is Zero THC in the product.

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500mg CBD – Peppermint Retail, 1000mg CBD – Peppermint, 750mg CBD 30-25mg gels

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