Pet Comfort Drops


Improve the health and wellness of your pets. It can relieve sore muscles, inflamed joints, improve mood, and normalize the nervous and immune systems.


500mg Extract – 250mg CBD – Unflavored
Our Pet Products – Bridget and I have always had animals – dogs, cats and horses.  Being able to help people help their animal family is very special to us.  One of my good friends was a holistic Veterinarian for 40 years and was into Hemp products even before we were.  His statement to me has rang very true for us and our customers “You will not hear stories about how your pet is better – you will hear about how they are ALIVE again!”  We will usually start a pet – CBD works on any animal that has a spine with vertebra, one drop of Pet Comfort Drops per 10 pounds twice a day.  Just put the drops on a piece of bread or any treat the pet likes and give it to them.  Horses seem to respond well to a lower dose, I would start with an average human dose – 30mg on their grain and work up.  You can safely raise the dose if they need more help or relief.  If you have a larger pet, our 500 and 1000mg Tinctures work great, you just use 1 drop per 20 pounds.  Truly, you can expect a more comfortable, happy and calm companion quickly!

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