Full Spectrum 30mg Softgel Travel Pack


Our Softgel products are Standardized to either 15mg or 30mg of CBD per softgel capsule to give you a convenient and easy dosage with no taste.  They are also very easy to travel with, and we do have convenient Travel Packs available.

The average starting dosage in my practice is 15mg per day, usually taken at night.  CBD is the best sleep aid that I have used in my 45+ years of practice.  Good sleep is very critical to health – you heal when you are asleep!  Getting a solid, deep sleep is very important to any health maintenance or recovery program.  The highest effects from taking CBD orally is usually around 7-8 hours, so if late afternoon or evening is your worst time, then a morning dose may be helpful.  Note: CBD balances all cells and tissues, muscles and organs – if your are fatigued, CBD can energize you.  If you are wide awake when you should be sleeping, you may want to use CBD in the morning for a while.  In my experience this is very short term and once the energy system is normalized, taking it before bed is fine.  If the 15mg dosage is not getting you the results you desire, then bump it up to 30mg – or higher if needed.  Many studies have been done using 100 or more mg per day – up to 1500mg in extreme trials – SAFELY!  We use 300-500mg / day routinely for our seriously ill patients.

A person virtually cannot get “high” from using full spectrum hemp oil, there is such a tiny amount of THC to begin with and CBD blocks the receptor in the brain that causes the psychoactive effect of THC.  For this exact reason, most Marijuana plants have virtually NO CBD – it has been bred out to raise the psychoactive properties!


CBD Dominant Hemp Oil Softgels, 30-30 mg Softgels

We have utilized a combination of Hemp Seed Extract with our High CBD, Broad Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil to get the best of the Hemp plant’s nutritional and medicinal properties for our Softgels.  The seed oil provides an excellent balance of Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils – many nutritionists feel it is a better mix than fish oil.  The Flower Oil provides the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from hemp for the many medicinal and health properties.  Because the Softgel allows no oxidation it has an excellent shelf life for a minimum of 2 years. (The label currently says “Broad” Spectrum, however, this is truly a Full Spectrum product)

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