Cooling Response Pain Cream


Standardized to 850mg CBD – 50ml Airless Pump

Our New Medicated Pain Cream delivers a larger dose of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract standardized to 850mg CBD per 50ml pump bottle, as well as 3% Menthol, 2% Camphor, 2% White Willow Bark, 1% Eucalyptus, 1% Peppermint and Arnica Oil.

Excellent for painful and swollen joints and muscles.


Cooling Response Pain Cream – 850mg / 50ml

Our CBD Cooling Response Pain Cream contains 850mg of CBD per bottle – almost double that amount as Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract and can be used as heavily and often as needed for results.  It is virtually impossible to use too much, even for our patients that are tested for THC.  Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory for painful and sore joints and muscles and can very effectively and safely manage pain and swelling. It should not be used near the eves or other Sensitive areas or open wounds as it contains large therapeutic doses of numerous powerful essential oils listed below.  It promotes balance and homeostasis in the cells and tissues it is used on.  Our creams contain a lot of Aloe Vera –  the second most important herb in the formula and my personal second favorite herb, especially for skin care.  It acts as a carrier and helps the cream be absorbed better and deeper into the tissues, and of course Aloe has its own healing powers.

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Our Airless Pump Cream Jar – Where’s the Dip Tube?

On an Airless Pump Jar there is NO Dip Tube, it uses vacuum to dispense the product. Sometimes in shipping Air Bubbles will form and break the vacuum. All you need to do is turn the Bottle upside down and tap it to get the bubbles out and it should start pumping fine.

We love the Airless Pump for several reasons, the piston comes up from the bottom and scrapes the walls clean – virtually Zero Waste. You can clearly see how much product is left. No air or dirty fingers touch the Cream so there is no contamination or degradation of the product, greatly expanding shelf life – although most people use it before it has a chance to get old 🙂 And usually tell all their friends how well it works!

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