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Our High CBD, Full Spectrum tinctures come in dropper bottles.  The droppers are calibrated to deliver 1 milliliter or CC per squeeze when you start with the dropper empty.  It is NOT a full dropper, just a full squeeze – usually just over half of the dropper.  The drop count is commonly between 30 and 33 drops.  Our 500 and 1000mg bottles are standardized to 1/2mg per drop, so a dropper is approximately 15 to 16mg of CBD.  You are getting close to double that amount in Full Spectrum Extract – but we standardize to CBD.  Many products on the market list the amount of Extract, not CBD.  Our Pet Drops do list Extract, but contain well above the 250mg CBD needed for the product.



500mg CBD – Unflavored 1oz.
1000mg CBD – Unflavored 2oz.
We are using Organic MCT (Coconut oil) blended with our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract to improve your health and wellness. (The label currently says “Broad” Spectrum, however, this is truly a Full Spectrum product) MCT or Medium-chain fatty acids are capable of helping you: Maintain a healthy weight – they make you feel full, specifically reduce stored body fat by raising your metabolism Make more energy, Think more clearly, Optimize digestion, Balance hormone levels, Improve your mood, Fight viral and bacterial infections, and Absorb fat-soluble nutrients from various foods.

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500mg CBD – Unflavored 1oz, 1000mg CBD – Unflavored 2oz

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