Our Lab

Hemp Oil Extraction

We offer custom hemp oil extraction utilizing state of the art alcohol extraction equipment.  We process mainly the hemp flower or “Bud.”  There are some cannabinoids in the leaves and stalks, but usually not enough to make it worthwhile to extract.  Almost all of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavenoids are in the trichomes – the sugar looking appendages on the buds.  We believe the chlorophyll is beneficial for good health and we are not concerned with the dark color. We take great care to produce CBD products that test at or below the acceptable standards for residuals.  For the highest quality of CBD oil we filter the hemp extract four times and the finest filter is 1 micron.  We feel this is important because we are usually working with hemp grown in outdoor fields not greenhouses.  The buds are very sticky for attracting pollen, but also hold dust and windblown particles.

Our procedures for winterization of the hemp oil is of great value to the quality of the final product.  During winterization we filter out much of the chlorophyl and specifically the waxes produced on the leafs of the plants.  The waxes help to protect the plants leaves but is necessary to remove to have a high quality CBD oil.  This is done by cooling extract to extremely cold temperatures and once again running it through a filter.  The last step is to remove the alcohol from the oil utilizing state of the art custom distillation equipment.

We also have the ability to decarboxylate the hemp oil extract – this means to heat CBDA (Cannabidiol Acid) to the point that it turns to CBD.  Our method does not destroy the terpene content of the oil.

Please contact us for quotes on processing your hemp.  We have two options, one being a payment based on a flat rate per pound or payment based on a percentage split of finished extract.  We do our best to provide a superior service to our clients in a reasonable amount of time.