Our Lab

Hemp Oil Extraction

We extract the hemp oil for our products by utilizing alcohol extraction equipment.  We process the whole hemp plant, mainly flower or “Bud.”   Almost all of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavenoids are in the trichomes – the sugar looking appendages on the buds.  For the highest quality  CBD oil we filter the hemp extract four times and the finest filter is 1 micron.  We feel this is important because we working with hemp grown in outdoor fields not greenhouses.  The buds are very sticky for attracting pollen, but also hold dust and windblown particles, which all need to be filtered out of the product.


Our procedures for winterization of the hemp oil is of great value to the quality of the final product.  During winterization we filter out much of the chlorophyl and specifically the waxes produced on the leaves of the plants.  The waxes help to protect the plant’s leaves but is necessary to remove to have a high quality CBD oil.  This is done by cooling extract to extremely cold temperatures and once again running it through a filter.  The next step is to remove the alcohol from the oil utilizing high quality distillation equipment.  Our methods produce a high quality, true full spectrum oil, packed with CBD and minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, terpenes and flavenoids. We believe this to be the key for the medicinal health benefits we strive to provide to our customers.

For the THC Free products, the oil is processed through chromatography equipment to remove the THC. It produces oil with CBD and most of the minor cannabinoids, but ZERO THC. This is the best product for those people who must do Urine Testing for drugs for their jobs.