Bridget Gay

    Bridget Gay is a native of Colorado and has farming on both sides of her family.  Nature and the well being of the earth is her passion.  Growing up in Evergreen, Colorado, she experienced the land and nature from the back of a horse – too many hours to count!

    After Dr. Donald Gay and Bridget married, Bridget showed and bred Morgan Horses for 10 years until purchasing the farm in 1995.  Bridget and her brother Michael tended to the alfalfa fields for many years.  When the terrible extended 15 year drought reached it’s worst, she was not able to grow hay because of the lack of water.  Michael left the area and Bridget started developing arthritis and was not able to work the farm.  

    While attending a cannabis/hemp growing seminar Bridget was given a sample of CBD oil and had an amazing life changing experience from the one taste sample. Her pain and swelling were greatly reduced while still at the conference!  (She went back and purchased ALL the samples)  Hemp greatly contributed to regaining the ability to farm once again.  Hemp became her new way to farm, it can be grown with minimal water and is a amazing plant to heal the earth and provide comfort for people and animals.  Bridget has been growing Medicinal Hemp as her main crop since 2015. Bridget works in the greenhouses and fields to provide the highest quality hemp for the Lab. 

    Today Bridget and Michael also work together in the High Country Lab processing hemp into high CBD Hemp Oil that is used to make our line of health products.