Now is the time to plan and prepare the fields. This field is ready to apply oats as a cover crop for the hemp. We will be planting organic oats by March 15th.

The oats are going to help cover the ground to hold moisture in the soil and to suppress weed growth. It has been said “If you don’t cover the ground mother nature will”. Soon after the oats are drilled in we will start planting hemp seed. I chose to plant oats because they are not aggressive and do not produce high amounts of nitrogen in the soil. High nitrogen may bring up the THC levels that are not desired.

This picture is our pivot that has been converted to a Dragon-Line. You may be asking what is a Dragon-Line Pivot? As you can see in the picture, there are long orange lines that drag as the pivot moves. These lines have small dippers that are molded in the plastic, working as a drip system. This saves water and applies it directly to the soil. We can apply the water directly to the plants and not the fallow ground between the rows. At the top of the drip line is a spray nozzle that can be turned on for a foiler spray.


Who to Work With?

We are also working with Sharon Stamp at CPS Distributors, Inc. to order and design drip irrigation for additional fields.

Sharon is a good source and her information can be shared if requested.

For pivot sprinkler conversions, Monty with Teeter Irrigation is your man, he invented and developed the Dragon-Line system. https://www.dragonline.net/about

New ways to create clones in a small space

Here is a new innovative way to create a multitude of plants in a small space. We are excited to learn more and try this method called “Plant Tissue Culture”. There are many videos on You Tube and starter kits available. This may be a good alliterative to growing clones in a small place.